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Building Websites From Scratch

Websites from Scratch

The blank sheet is always exciting. It has the feeling of the spring’s fresh air. Each website is unique and that’s why it should use just the right tools and resources. Nothing less, nothing more.


There are design trends that change every few years and no one wants to be outdated. A new fresh look is always appealing and adds value. Looking good is always good.



Websites often need to connect to other services like Social Networks and Payment Gateways. This makes it more engaging, dynamic and improves overall user experience.

Tools and Techs

HTML 5 Logo

The web went to a whole new level with the coming of HTML5. It not only provided great new features but aslo helped search engines like Google understand websites better.

Sass Logo

Sass is the latest technology in webdesign concerning ...well, the design itself. It gives the ability to keep important things like colors and fonts in variables and keeps stylesheets organized. So any change in the future is piece of cake.

Php+Mysql Logo

Powerful Back-end with PHP and MySQL. These are the most used web developing languages for making great websites and robust web apps.

12 GREAT years of experience

Becoming a web designers is somehow not a decision you make. It just happens out of curiosity, art and excitement. And there is always something new coming. Staying current is so hard and in the same time so awesome.

What is Responsive Design and why should we care?

Everything we do now is on our smartphones - checking mail, watching videos, connecting with friends, shoping and paying. Information is on our fingertips - get your phone out of the pocket and in less than a minute you find what you need. Piece of cake. Even grandma has now gone “smart”. Last few years show that mobile devices are taking over desktops and of course they would - it’s with you anywhere, any time you need it.

  • 2014 32%
  • 2015 35%
  • now 51%
US market according to StatCounter

If so many people are now mobile we should ask ourselves - is our website mobile? Will our readers and potential customers be comfortable viewing it on their phones and tablets?

“Websites promote you 24/7. No employee will do that.”

Paul Cookson

What makes a design Responsive?

As the name says it Responds. It responds to the screen it is viewed on and makes sure that everything is pleasing the eye and the visitor doesn’t have to zoom in to read your article or product description. It is smart and provides the best experience for the best online presence.

For instance a layout might be one column on phones and two columns on tablets and desktops.

click on the icons to change the layout


Our Design Philosophy

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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